Can Motherhood be Romantic?

It’s probably not the first word that comes to mind, what with all the diapers, spit up and crumb-filled car seats. The general messiness doesn’t lend well to an idea of romance. Yet, Francis Mallman, celebrity Argentinian chef, loves mess. The Netflix documentary series Chef’s Table featured him in their first season of the show.Continue reading “Can Motherhood be Romantic?”

Dreams about cockroaches, cockatoos and chameleons

The Interpretation of Dreams is a famous book written by Signund Freud in 1899. I found it in a used book store three years ago and it sits in my office but I’ve never read it. Clients often ask me to interpret their dreams for them, but usually I end up asking them for theirContinue reading “Dreams about cockroaches, cockatoos and chameleons”

Scary Things

I used to hate scary things. Not scary movies or books (like Helter Skelter, that one messed with me for a while), but things that took me outside of my comfort zone. Scary things like quitting my job, starting my own private practice, writing blogs, buying a house, having a baby. Have you ever heardContinue reading “Scary Things”

There Ain’t No Rest for the Adults

How does one relax? I take a deep breath. Try to clear my mind. Relax my shoulders. Unclench my jaw. And think….”I wonder if anyone’s texting me?” WELL THAT DIDN’T TAKE LONG! Trying to turn my brain off never works. In a distant time I think I was able to relax or relaxing came easyContinue reading “There Ain’t No Rest for the Adults”