Services Offered

At this time, Mountain Mindset Counseling only accepts private pay clients and is not accepting insurance.

Here is a list of services that we offer:


90 minute session: For your first session, we have up to 90 minutes to collect the information we need. You can also request 90 minute appointments at any time. We will formulate a diagnosis, discuss payment options that work for you, and discuss possible treatment options tailored to meet your specific needs.  $160.00

60 minute session: This is your ongoing mental health treatment. *Can include a virtual therapy option.   $109.00


Wellness programming with Mountain Mindset Counseling can be tailored to fit the needs of any audience. Wellness programs in the workplace have been proven to reduce health care costs for employers. Wellness programs make employees feel validated and valued. 

   These programs fill the gap between mental health therapy and Human Resources. A licensed mental health professional specializing in trauma, addictions, and human behavior facilitates all wellness presentations. Call or email for topics and availability. Price varies.


Mountain Moms: This group is for moms looking to expand their “Mom Tribe”. During this transitional time, having a community of support is a REQUIREMENT. Join us in this welcoming nonjudgmental environment to find allies, ask questions, receive emotional support and learn new things in the areas of baby wearing, sleep training, doula services, lactation and much more! Meetings are held virtually until further notice. Annual Membership $50.00


Court Approved Alcohol and Drug Assessment: These evaluations are required for certain alcohol and drug related legal offenses. They will be given to your representation in preparation for court or probation requirements.  $200.00

Social Security Disability Application: I will complete social security applications within the time frame required. I require the client to attend at least 5 session prior to completion of this paperwork. Should this require clinician’s time outside of session, the client will be billed appropriately.

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